How to Trim Bunny Nails?

By | September 9, 2019

Just like humans, the rabbit’s nails grow consistently. So, it will require to be trimmed habitually. Usually, the overgrown nails can cause the rabbit uneasiness, while bounding around and also a main sponsor to painful hocks that cause irritated skin and occasionally swelling. Of course, the rabbits are happy home pets, so many people live to have this pet to grow in their home. Firstly, the nail clipping can be a quite overwhelming task, but consider and follow these easy guidelines are very simple and fast way to trim nail. On usual, the nail of a rabbit will requires to be trimmed for every 6 to 8 weeks. The rabbits are kept outdoors with ample time to exercise that might want a nail trim less often.

When the nails of rabbits are in exact length, they must be rarely visible over the fur on rabbit’s toes, while it is standing or sitting with its weight on its feet. When the nails grow too lengthy, they tend to curl and you might notice your rabbit shifting its weight from foot to foot, holding up a foot occasionally or simply being reluctant to run around more. To trim your rabbit nails, you will want to purchase the specialist nail clippers that are widely available from the massive pet stores or veterinary practices. You will also want to purchase the styptic powder or a styptic pen, if you cut the fast and nail bleeds, this could be applied to stop the bleeding.

Rabbit grooming- How to trim your rabbit nails?

Now, the countless pet owners are having own pet rabbits that need routine nail trimming. Actually, trim your rabbit nails are very anxious on the day that they have to groom their pet’s nails. They often postpone the trimming that leads to overrun nails and likely damage to both rabbit and members of their human family. The good news is more often you groom your rabbit and trim their nails, the faster your bunny will adapt and you will get sufficient skills with each trimming. It takes more patience, willpower, nimbleness and gets easier with time. Moreover, you must groom your pet rabbit’s nails on every three weeks.

Primarily, it might feel awkward and will be more challenging too. Your bunny will also require using the kit during the nail trimming time. Before trying this one, you have assistance at the first few times, until you feel more comfortable in performing it on your own. Also, having other pair of hands available will be more beneficial, while you master the technique. In addition to, you should wear the jeans and sleeves; this will safeguard your skin, in case of your pet starts to scratch at you. Some of the rabbit grooming materials to be organized are:

  • Cotton
  • Clippers
  • Coagulants
  • Towel

Clipping rabbit nails easily and safely

Your rabbit nail will require to be clipped often fairly and you have couple of choices, when it comes to clipping your nails such as you can cut them yourselves or you can take her to the vet. If you are a beginner to do this, it is strongly recommended to have a veterinarian show on how to perform it in an initial time to avoid errors.

Now, you can easily find the specialized rabbit nail clippers at any pet store. Actually, these rabbit clippers are very similar to the normal clippers sold in order to trim the nails of a rabbit. Before you clipping your bunny’s nails, you can be sure to have the right clippers, some powder and a towel to wrap your bunny in. The more you are clipping your bunny’s nails, the more you will find what works the best for you as well as your rabbit.

Now, there are several possible ways available that you can cut your rabbit nails. When you are clipping the nails of happy home pets, you just look for a line that denotes a vein. If your bunny has dark nails, you might not be able to view it. If you can see the vein, you do not clip into the vein or elsewhere. But if you cannot see the vein, you can simply cut a small bit.