3 Ways to Get a Cat to Drink More Water

By | January 12, 2019

Is your cat having a hard time drinking more water or is your cat not drinking at all? You might be just a little paranoid about your cat. But, if you find your cat drinking less water then they normally drink, then its safe to assume that your cat needs some encouragement. Luckily, we are her to help and offer you free advice. All you need to do is follow the easy tips below. Your cat will drink again don’t worry.

Switch to Wet Cat Food

3 Ways to Get a Cat to Drink More Water

Switch your hard cat food to wet cat food and your cat will be drinking more water in no time. All the water bottles for cats that you bought will be empty too. Ok, canned wet food tends to have more moisture according to some veterinarians. Your cat will be more entitled to drink water or it will at least drink the liquid produced form the wet food. Its not a huge step. But, its a step in a direction to get your cat to drink more and be less dehydrated. If you find your cat refusing all types of water most of the day, then you should use this tip.

You should know that some cats don’t drink enough water because they think its healthy. It is nothing you did on your part. No need to blame yourself. The cat is trained by nature to make its own drinking decisions. Some cats have the right mindset and some cats do not. Its nothing to stress about and fixing the shortage of drinking problem is easy. See the tips below.

Put Ice Cubes in Your Cat Food

3 Ways to Get a Cat to Drink More Water

Putting a few ice cubes in your cat’s food will make a difference in cat’s water consumption choice. Your cat won’t notice it at first, but they will be tempted to lick the ice. Most cats have a habit of licking things that is cold. The coldness of the ice cubes will persuade your cat to drink water. The cat will spend a lot of time licking on the ice cubes, but the mission will be accomplished. The feline will drink water and you will have one less problem on your hands.

Flavor the Cat Drinking Water With Tuna juice

3 Ways to Get a Cat to Drink More Water

This mixing water with tuna juice is the last option, and it will most likely work due to all cats having a desire to eat fish. You take all the water bottles for cats and you mix it with tuna juice. To get tuna juice, you have to find a can filled with tuna fish. Then, you open the can and remove the meat potion. Take the remaining liquid and mix it with the cat water bottles or cat bowl. The cat will smell the fish scent on the water. It will them proceed to drink it. Your cat will think its eating fish when its actually drinking water. Cats are smart but that smart. They are unable to tell the difference when it comes to tuna juice and tuna. Try this is none of the other tips work or you want your cat to drink more water faster.

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